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joey G's Tray's & Things

Cheese Board
A variety of cheese, domestic and imported to include soft cheese garnished with grapes and strawberries
$50 (Serves 10-15 people)                  $75 (Serves 15-20 people)

Grilled Vegetable Display
Joey G’s grilled vegetables from locally grown farms served with roasted red pepper puree
$50 (Serves 15-20 people)                  $75 (Serves 35 people)

Tomato and Mozzarella Tray
Fresh mozzarella and vine ripened tomatoes with buttery chive oil, roasted peppers, and grilled asparagus
$60 (Serves 15-20 people)                  $85 (Serves 25-35 people)

Italian Tray
Sliced prosciutto and Italian salami served with mozzarella and sharp provolone accompanied by artichoke, olives, and roasted peppers
$100 (Serves 15-20 people)                 $125 (Serves 25-35 people)

Fresh Fruit Tray
A colorful rendition of an array of seasonal sliced fruits and berries
$50 (Serves 15-20 people)                  $75 (Serves 25-35 people)

Filet Display
Roasted tenderloin served medium rare with caramelized onion, crumbled bleu and gorgonzola cheeses - $19 per pound

Shrimp Tray
Jumbo shrimp display served with horseradish cocktail  - $21 per pound

Shrimp Trio
Jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, and lump crabmeat served with traditional cocktail and wasabi aioli - $23 per pound

Joey G's Deli

The Deli
Get many different fresh items from our gourmet deli. We have fresh roast beef, salads, fresh chicken cuttlets, roasted turkey, fresh fruit as well as our very popular macaroni & cheese cups.

The Coffee Station

The Coffee Station
Here you can fill up with some fresh brewed coffee. We rotate the pots so it's fresh all day.

The Cold Stuff

Ice Cold Drinks & more
When it comes to cooling off, these just about everything in these coolers. From Soda to Juice, as well as low carb diet drinks. We're sure to have what you need on a summer day.

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