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joey G's Breakfast Menu

Order# Item Price
B-1 Breakfast Sandwich - with choice of meat & cheese.
Served on your choice of bagel, breakfast Kaiser, biscuit, English muffin
B-2 French toast – Classic style with butter and maple syrup $4.95
B-3 Belgian Waffles – served with butter and maple syrup $4.95
B-4 Joey’s Pancake Stack – a joey version made of cornmeal & classic combined $4.95
  Breakfast Burritos – Egg, sausage, long hot’s, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese
  Protein Wrap-- Turkey, spinach and mushrooms stuffed in a flour tortilla -
add $1.00 egg whites
  Italian Wrap – Peppers and potatoes with egg & cheese $3.99
  Pigs in a Blanket - Pancake rolled stuffed with raspberry jam, ham & Eggs $5.99
  Stuffed French toast – Battered French toast stuffed with bacon, egg & cheese $6.50
  Bagel Benedict –Ham-eggs over, cheese and hollandaise sauce with potatoes $6.95
  *** Farmers Joe- Sausage potatoes, Swiss egg omelet – with a side of breakfast potatoes $6.50
  Bistro omelet – Asparagus, roasted peppers, spinach omelet served with fresh fruit $6.50
  Bacon –Sausage –pork roll –ham $1.50
  Breakfast potatoes - $2.50
  Potato Pancake - $3.99
  Strawberry- Banana $4.50
  with protein $5.99
  Chef Note ***** available weekends only  

Joey G's Deli

The Deli
Get many different fresh items from our gourmet deli. We have fresh roast beef, salads, fresh chicken cuttlets, roasted turkey, fresh fruit as well as our very popular macaroni & cheese cups.

The Coffee Station

The Coffee Station
Here you can fill up with some fresh brewed coffee. We rotate the pots so it's fresh all day.


The Cold Stuff

Ice Cold Drinks & more
When it comes to cooling off, these just about everything in these coolers. From Soda to Juice, as well as low carb diet drinks. We're sure to have what you need on a summer day.

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